Acting Head Teacher Mrs Lynne Mullen        





          Principal Teacher Mrs Gill Mercer             


  Hi I am Mrs Mercer.

I currently work with P6/5 on a Monday with additional responsbilities in Blacklaw as Principal Teacher. I have a love of language, both English and French and hope to foster the same feeling among the pupils.  

                      Primary 1 Mrs K Reid                           Primary 2 Mrs F Scott  


                     Primary 3 Mrs D Henshaw             Primary 4/3 Mrs A Watson
                     Primary 3 Mrs J Strathearn  


                        Primary 5/4 Mrs M McMurdo    Primary 5 Mrs P Bignall

                          Primary 6/5 Ms M Milne             Primary 7/6 Mrs L Speirs

                   Primary 6/5 Mrs G Mercer (P/T)        Primary 7/6 Mrs L Keyworth



                    Primary 7 Miss L Gray                  PE Mrs Y Hall/Mrs J Walker


                   CCC and P3 Mrs C Jackson
                     Class Teacher Mrs L Stewart



  Support Staff Team Leader Mrs C Montgomery    

Support Staff Mrs P Ruddy                                    Support Staff Mrs A Clark

Support Staff Mrs L Slevin                                     Support Staff Miss A Young

Support Staff Mrs O Thomas                                Support Staff Mrs C Cruickshank

Support Staff Mrs S MacInnes                               Support Staff Mrs J Herron

Support Staff Mrs S Symington 











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