What time does school close at Easter and Christmas holidays?

School closes at 2.30 pm.

What time does school close at Summer holiday?

School closes at 1.00 pm.

Can I but a tie from the school office?

Yes ties are on sale at a cost of £3.50.

Can I pay for a school trip using my bank/credit card?

No, we can only accept cash or a cheque.

When should I phone the school if my child is unwell?

You should phone the school before 9.30 am.

What if my child cannot attend or wants to leave an after school club?

You must phone the school or send in a letter explaining why your child cannot attend or wants to leave.

Can my child attend school with head lice?

No they must stay away from school until they have been treated. Bug Buster: Help Line: 020 7686 4321.

How long should my child stay off with Chickenpox?

Your child should stay away from school for 5 days from onset of rash or until the last spot has crusted over.

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